Your Mama Always Said You Were Special – Don’t Forget to Add That On Your Résumé


Iget this question all the time – “Should I include personal things about myself that are unrelated to my job history?” The answer to this question is – yes; but only if it has relevance to the industry, field or professional goals of the intended recipient.

Here are some examples.

You’re a graphic designer who’s applying for a position with a software development company. Can you tell the HR Manager about your lively gaming interests? Yes! This is one of the few instances where you can talk openly about your adult passion for gaming. Somewhere on your résumé it’s wise to include your man-boy preoccupation since your new employer will be pleased to see your knowledge extends beyond the professional.You might even want to name drop the games that really wind your clock – like Age of Mythology or Covert Strike. In short, your hobby informs your job, so it’s a good idea to include it.

Another example – you’re an Animal Technician with a rather large home-based animal count. Will your new manager want to know about how Petals and Mitzy just can’t seem to get along? Or that Scrappy (the iguana’s) favorite snack is mango? Yes – go ahead and let your prospective new boss know about the three cats, two dogs and iguana living in your house. This information only serves to strengthen your application since it’s related (directly) to your professional portfolio.

In today’s economy, employers are inundated with applications and résumés. Unfortunately, this means that it’s prudent to keep your résumé tailored to specifics of why you’re the man – or woman for the job. Extraneous information, while perhaps amusing to the reader, will likely be forgotten as quickly as you can say “unemployment.” Employers are striving to find the best person for the job, often times adhering to a tight set of qualifications. There’s not much room for highlights of your stamp collection or details of your miniature car model fleet.

Leave your rocks and minerals anecdotes for your next poor, unsuspecting date.

Just kidding – of course.

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