Writing Your Resume Got You Down? Tips for Improving Your Writing Skill


Let’s be clear: this is not a grammar lesson. Grammar is its own beast and if you’re weak in this area, it’s recommended you try to tackle the issue through attending classes or doing self-study. Getting a tutor is also a great way to ease the stress and burden of tackling the ins and outs of grammar.

What I would like to help you with is some fundamentals of writing. You don’t have to be a literary genius. These are easy-to-digest tips that you can incorporate at any time into your resume.

  1. Brevity

Brevity is a fancy word for concise, tight, short. Keep your writing as clean and to the point as possible. Employers don’t have an interest in reading novels and your resume is certainly not the time to display your talent for flowery phrases. (Perhaps with the exception of professional writers.) Leave out the paragraphs and stick to nice, short sentences that state facts.

  1. Use verbs; minimize adverbs and adjectives

Verbs are action words: demonstrate, recruit, ensure, exceed, assist, liaise – the list goes on. When you write those nice, short sentences on your resume, be sure to go heavy on the verbs and light on the adjectives such as, “outstanding,” “superb,” and “exceptional.” Writing you’re “exceptional” at managing staff will not necessarily make the reader believe it.

  1. In the name of grammar, punctuation and spelling

It might be tempting to disregard the icing that finishes the cake but it’s in your interest to check, check again – and then check one more time. After you’ve checked the grammar, punctuation and spelling, get a friend to have a look. And then your mother. And then your pet … you get the idea.

Writing won’t change the facts of your qualifications, but it helps to have a resume that is written well. If it flows nicely – and without error – you might stand out that little bit more to get the call above the other guys.

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