Are You Wondering If Resumes Have Changed?


Whether you’re in the job market for the first time – or a seasoned professional – the resume continues to be an all-important document for success.

One key difference is that we are living in one of the most rapidly changing societies in recent history. Technology, social etiquette, job-finding – core human pursuits have changed. Dramatically.

So how about the resume? Where do you stand when it comes to making it relevant? Compelling? Useful?

From the eye of the employer

An idea you need to get used to (if you haven’t already) is that employers expect more. They are looking for resumes that communicate to them in a way that convinces them the candidate stands out. Try and imagine what it’s like to look at hundreds, maybe even thousands of resumes. As you write, or re-write your resume, take the time to look objectively at it. Ask your friends if they think it’s interesting to read. Do what it takes to get noticed – above the crowd.

The fast and the furious

You probably read different stats on how long the average employer reads a resume, right? The cold, hard truth on the topic is – not long. Five seconds, six seconds, fifteen seconds – all short and sweet. The point? Whatever you have to say, you better say it fast. Your writing needs to be powerful, to the point and leave a lasting impact. It also needs to inform. Whatever your job postings look like – your resume needs to reflect the desired “skills” and “experience.”

Fine tune your message – and make it count.

If the occasion calls for it – dress up

Despite your innate desire to reject the idea, more and more people are choosing professionally designed resumes. With colour even. If you’re in a creative career, you’ll especially need to consider innovative looking resume finishes. It’s up to you, but sometimes demonstrating you’re outside the box is better than just plain, old, lip service.

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