What’s the Secret to Life? Advice about Life – and More Importantly, Getting to the Point of it


If you’re like Forrest Gump, the secret to life is a simple, plain-old box of chocolates.

For the rest of us, finding answers to life’s toughest conundrums is an ongoing pursuit. We struggle with the concept of “self,” “happiness,” “career” – even whether or not we’ve found “the one.”

When you look at it like that – it’s not hard to see the real problem: Our need to study, control and compartmentalize life in general.

Let’s consider this: prior to the industrial revolution the human condition was a lot more preoccupied with a little thing called survival. Simply, the average person was too darn busy to sit around contemplating the nature of our existence. It’s kind of hard to ponder the matters of existentialism between hours and hours of darning socks and harvesting crops. And that was before breakfast.

It’s no secret that simplicity is best. When it comes to racking your noodle about every moment in the day, analyzing your thought patterns (I get tired just writing that phrase) or issues theological in substance, the plain truth is that it’s more stress than its worth.

All you’re going to accomplish is a greater sense of frustration at being frustrated with the outcome of such frustrating pursuits. In short, there are no answers, not really. So why worry about it?

If you have a question about life that extends beyond the practical day-to-day considerations like,“How am I going to pay the bills?” Or the all-too critical,“Where will I park my car since I lost my parking space at work?” –I recommend spending no more than five minutes considering the answer. You know the answer, commit to your gut feeling and move on the next, practical concern.

The truth is life should be like a box of chocolates – and if it isn’t – you’re overcomplicating things, yet again.

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