What Truth Is There to the Alberta Job Boom?


Let’s start with Statistic Canada’s 2012 release of data detailing the real situation in Alberta – our divine and beloved tweaked out combination of oil and good old-fashioned stampedin’.

Across the province, employment rose by 59,000 and the jobless rate fell to 7.2 per cent. November of 2012 saw Alberta proudly creating 10, 100 jobs – with an unemployment rate boasting the lowest in the country.

How about today?

According to Canadian economists Alberta is well above the rest of the country in terms of overall economic growth. Alberta’s dominant economic position is attributed to steady job creation, retail sales and an impressive growth in population.

Other indicators include a solid GDP prediction – at 3.5 per cent this year alone.

Sectors such as real estate, oil and gas – and in particular commercial business are seeing solid numbers, making the average Albertan sleep very well at night, indeed.

Should Toronto be eating its heart out?

To set the record straight, Alberta is an economic powerhouse. Other provinces, Toronto included, should be begging for advice in this department.

Now let’s take a look at Toronto’s politicians, versus Calgary’s men in grey …

Enough said.

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