Wedding Vows – Can Be Tough! Should You Think About Hiring Out?


Mary Nazaar never thought the most stressful part of planning her dream wedding would be the vows. “I always thought the words would just come to me – flowing easily as though they are descending from the clouds!” says Nazaar chuckling. “Boy, was I wrong.”

Many people are great at their jobs – so good they attain increasingly-prosperous positions and pay cheques to go along with their success, without thinking too much about how they got there. But when it comes to describing their life experiences –the situation gets a little murkier.

Mike Saul agrees, “I’m a marketing executive for cripes sakes! I never thought I’d have this much trouble getting the words out to tell my fiance how I feel on our big day. I can write complex marketing plans but I can’t say what’s in my heart on paper. Wonders never cease … ” says Saul.

It’s not commonly known but hiring out for the “wordsmith” portion of your nuptials is on the rise. Much like hiring a professional resume writer to ensure your profile is the best it can be – requesting assistance for the most sacred of pledges on your big day, is also going the way of the professional writer.

Remember, a writer just helps you flush out your feelings; give your thoughts and feelings a writer’s treatment, including phrasing that will wow your better half on that day – and all the days thereafter.

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