Volunteer? But That Means I Don’t Get Paid, Right?


There’s a lot of folks out there who enjoy volunteering. They do it regularly throughout their lives. They not only find it enjoyable but they believe it’s just plain the right thing to do. Are you one of them?

It’s okay if you’re not. With the pressures of the present economy, the usual hectic pace of life and the likelihood you have one or more jobs, volunteering might be an impossibility. But if you want to spread your wings and do some good in your community, you can rest assured there’s some major value in it.

The “in” you might just need

Many employers seek out individuals who are already involved with their company. You bring knowledge of the products or services, understanding of the workplace culture – and a proven desire to be part of their organization. When a position comes up, who do you think they consider? The qualified volunteer who has already put in hundreds of hours? Or the qualified outsider who will require a heck of a lot more grooming?

A skill by any other name …

To further the above, a set of skills are naturally associated with a job, field or profession. The more you get involved and seek out new duties in your volunteer role, the more skills you pack away for future use. It’s always a good thing to have a nice long list of verbs under the “skills” section of your resume, right?

Chat it up

What better way to get to know the folks who make hiring decisions than fraternizing with them? Utilize the coffee room, the parking lot or the local diner to your job acquisition fullest.

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