Unusual Ways to Make Your Resume Vault to the Top!


Catapult. Leap. Bound. Propel. It’s a dog eat dog world out there – having an edge is never a bad idea.

So in the spirit of making like a slingshot, here’s some tips to help you hurl yourself one step closer to competitive advantage.

Got Hobbies? Use Them to Stand Out

Generally I don’t advocate a lengthy “interests” section on resumes (if at all) but this is one way, done properly, that you can catch the interest of employers. The key is to position your “hobby” as an entrepreneurial stroke of genius. Phrase it to give the impression you make some side-cash and it’ll help you seem like the ambitious sort – they may be looking for.

Employers think energetic people are pretty cool – so your hobby/part-time business may give you an advantage.

Not exactly a master linguist? You don’t have to be …

But showing employers that you have aptitude for learning languages never hurts. Even if you are beginner-intermediate in a second or third language, it’s impressive that you’re willing to even try. And in today’s global marketplace, how does intermediate level Spanish or Cantonese set you back a pace? The answer – it doesn’t.

Higher learning

Whether it’s basket-weaving 101, wine making, website design or a plethora of part-time courses at your local college, taking classes shows wit and fortitude. In short you’re not afraid to push past boundaries, try new things and continue to upgrade your grey matter. Needless to say employers like a gal or guy or who views learning as a life-long pursuit – regardless of topic.

Apart from the overall look and feel of your resume, take a closer, more critical look at your resume’s content. You could be missing some “wow” factor that will go a long way to getting you that next great gig.

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