Tricky Interview Questions Spotlight: “Tell Me About Yourself!”


What exactly is the point of the above question? You’re nervous. You’re wearing an outfit that is likely not the most comfortable. You didn’t sleep that well the night before in anticipation of the next day’s interview.

The last thing you need is an open-ended question that leaves you scrambling for a topic or subject to latch onto. So to relieve some of your angst, here’s the answer to the first in a series of tough interview questions.

Tell me about yourself?

Here’s your go-to answer:

  • Your background

Don’t tell them what public school you went to, how you are bowling champion three years in a row and what T.V show you watch on Friday nights. When an interviewer is asking you that question, they’re really saying: “how does your background relate to this job?”

The correct answer then, is detailing what education, work experience, volunteering, etc. that makes you an excellent fit for the position.

  • Notables

Have you done anything especially commendable in your background? If so, tell ‘em about it! Promotions, awards, letters of thanks – anything that shows you go above and beyond. It’s not bragging, it demonstrates that you are an achiever. And if you’ve achieved in the past, than you’re likely to achieve in the future. For your new employer that is.

  • The big push

Just like in a well-written presentation or essay, you need a good finish. Tell him or her why your background and notable accomplishments bring value to the role and the company. Talk about key skills, of course relating to the job.

Keep your answer tight, to the point and confident – and the old “tell me about yourself” question will be a breeze.

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