Top Three Things You Shouldn’t Do – In Your Job Search.

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No one likes to talk about the things we do wrong. But, if you want to get past some barriers – and start turning the tide in your job search, you need to face a few truths.


1. Don’t focus on full-time only.

It’s a mistake to go into interviews with full-time only on the brain. Many employers are pressed to hire part-timers as part of an overall conservative approach. Taking on a part-time role might lead to full-time down the road. If it doesn’t, you’ve gained part-time experience in your chosen profession. The point? Don’t sit around on the computer with undying devotion to finding the “perfect” job – you could be missing out on real opportunities. Patience can be a real virtue.


2. Be prepared for hard work.

Steel your mind to the reality – most job searches require a significant level of effort. From re-vamping your resume and cover letter to nailing the interviews that inevitably come, the job search process typically takes from a few months up to a year.

It’s not as daunting as it sounds, (remembering the first point of the article) taking on part-time work and filling in the rest of your time with stress-relieving or practical pursuits, is the best course of action. Know that your hard work will pay off – in due course and due time.


3. Remember there’s more to job searching than the Internet!

It’s been said time and again, but it bears repeating. You’ll probably find a new, exciting job just by joining some new social circles – or chatting with your neighbor. Networking gets jobs – it’s as simple as that. Get out and about and chat with real, live people – eventually you’ll get an interesting lead or offer. And it’ll probably come well before you finish email tagging with your latest online HR manager.

Keep in mind tenacity separates the herd – keep at it, you’ll get there in time!

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