Tips for Keeping Up Spirits During Your Job Search


It can be a nail-biting, oft frustrating, upward battle – in your search for a new, better gig. The key? Sticking to some basic rules so you can stay focused on the positive and eliminate the negative.

Exercise, eat right – and try to relax

It might seem obvious but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important ways to get fruitful results from your efforts. Everything from sounding fresh and ready when you take phone calls from employers doing preliminary phone interviews – to arriving with a can-do attitude to the myriad of interviews you’re bound to get. Energy is infectious and people respond positively to happy, healthy, energetic people.

Set small goals and be grateful for small successes

Count all the phone calls, emails and other small “wins” you get each week – and remember there’s someone out there who didn’t get anything at all. Then buy yourself a new hat, take that local yoga class you’ve been dying to try – or generally so something to treat yourself for your success. Why? It’s motivating – and motivation is critical in challenging environments.

Evaluate your priorities

How can you reach a goal if you don’t know what you want? Or minimum, where your goals rank? Figure out where you’d like to see yourself in five years – and focus on that exclusively. Eventually the universe will provide.

Position your rejection psychology

Employers, interviewers, human resource professionals – or some pinch hitter the boss threw into the interview room because she was too busy to do the interview herself – are not qualified to judge you in your entirety. It’s tempting to feel teary after you blew your last interview, telling yourself you’re to blame for the failure of the interview. In reality – it’s absolutely nothing personal whatsoever. People are so busy (and often understaffed and underpaid) they likely have barely skimmed over your resume, never mind formed any personal opinions about you! If you didn’t exactly knock their socks off at your second, eighth or eleventh interview – relax, the worst mistake you can make is taking it personally and then interviewing with a chip on your shoulder the next time around.


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