Think the Corporate World Is the Only Way to Make Money?

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WWe get caught up in media hype that glamorizes the corporate world, left with the notion that the only way to make big money is by looking like big money. That’s an unfortunate stereotype. Here are some jobs that bring home the bacon in a major way. Could you be the next hot dog vendor – or bounty hunter?

White Hat Hacker – Think all hacking is bad? White hat hackers get paid serious bucks to counter balance all that nasty hacking the not-so ethical computer geeks are doing. White hats work for corporations finding security holes – and can earn over $100, 000 per year.

Voice Over Expert – Got a great voice? Wanted to sing for a living – but haven’t made it yet? Voice over specialists can earn anywhere between $50,000 upward doing what they do best, using their sultry vocals to help companies reach markets.

Chicken Sexer – Intrigued? Chicken sexers separate baby chicks for a living based on, you guessed it, sex. Chicken farmers need to know the sex of the chick for further processing and hire these folks to get in there and separate them out.

Beer Tester – Really? Sounds like heaven – if you like beer that is. Test beer for a living and be in a froth-filled paradise.

Video Game Tester–Obsessed with Warcraft? Can’t live without Call of Duty? Hey – you don’t have to! There’s a job out there called Video Game Tester … spend all day, every day, traversing the video game landscape of adult or child-oriented games. Be a kid forever!

As we become a more sophisticated consumer society, the job options get a lot more interesting. It’s a bold new world – how bold are you?

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