The Need for Discipline When Searching for a Job


Jobs are hard to come by these days, considering the large number of jobseekers in the market. However, locating employment is not as hard as you might think.

There is a class of jobseekers that rise above the rest, because they possess what others don’t. More often than not, the battle for employment vacancies boils down to individual characteristics and demeanor. Academic qualification is often relegated to the periphery in a situation where jobseekers are all qualified in terms of education. One of the most important qualities for any person looking for a job is discipline.

Discipline implies that one will stay the course of job-seeking without giving up easily. The search for employment is not an easy one. The journey is replete with discouragement from different quarters. There are prospective employers who go out of their way to talk negatively to job seekers – some even go to the extent of telling you that you will never get a job in their organization or any other. Your friends and especially those who are failing as they look for employment may also remind you that it’s a hard road travelled. The key? Discipline – you must never give up your quest for a job.

Discipline is also crucial for you as a job-seeker when preparing your résumé and other documents. A résumé is not an easy document to prepare. You have to be diligent that no detail is left out. A lot of editing and revision are needed before the final document is complete. You will often have to revise your résumé to meet the specific needs of a job. Prospective employers have very negative opinions of people who present résumés full of grammar and spelling errors as well as typos. The preparation process can, therefore, be very frustrating. Discipline is needed at every stage.

Another important area in which discipline is needed is when you are required to attend an interview. Lateness is to be shunned by all job-seekers. Do not laze in bed on the day you are to attend an interview. Wake up early, prepare adequately, and ensure you arrive at the venue with some minutes to spare. Discipline is also required during the interview session. For example, you should not sit until you are told to. You also need to look straight at the panel member. Moreover, you must sit upright and wait for your turn to speak.

Remember to keep an orderly, controlled mind set while conducting your job search and you’ll win the day over your competition. Guaranteed.

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