The Job Search Is … On?

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There are some things in life which require, how can I say, motivation. Doing the laundry, filing yearly income taxes – and meeting the in-laws for the first time, to name a few.

But how about your job search? Is it something you leap out of bed and rush expectantly to the computer to do? Or is it more akin to a visit to the dentist?

There are ways to motivate yourself to do that which you know is critically important to your overall well-being, financial and otherwise.

Here are a few suggestions that’ll help you rekindle your love of exploring the world of new employment.

Get inspired.

Explore new, better and more exciting roles in your field over the Internet. You don’t have to do a 360 – there are other roles under the umbrella of your industry or field that you can try on for size. Making a slight transition might get you excited about looking around for work.

Another option? Try looking at a career change – many professions require little or no re-training. Who knows, maybe you’ll transition into your dream job!

Ask Around.

Talk to friends, neighbours, your grocer – you’d be surprised how much insight other people have into professions you probably haven’t even considered. If something catches your interest, try and speak with the person who’s in your would-be job. Interviewing first-hand is one of the best ways to get a feel for an exciting new career.

Update your resume – wait, don’t just update, make your resume great!

It’s hard to get excited about job searching when your resume stinks. Consider having a professional resume writer re-do it so you’re over the moon about your personal presentation! Many resume services will get creative with the result – applying unique designs and colorful expressions of your all-too-critical professional document.

Bottom line? Carpe diem – life is short!

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