The Interview: Tips for Successfully Executing This Critical Step in the Job Search Process

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You updated your resume to make it the best possible version of you. It’s so good, you’re getting more calls than ever before.  The problem?You spent so much time and effort on your resume, you kinda forgot about the interview part. You have an interview the day after tomorrow. Now what?

Apart from ensuring your appearance hits the usual buttons such as tidiness, appropriate dress and a polished, professional look, there are other key things employers are evaluating. Knowing them – is more than half the battle. Follow this guideline for interviewing – and you’ll be laughing your way to your job of choice. These tips are that good.

The top 5 right skills. Know what they are – and get it done in the interview.

Simply, when you’re in the interview, talk about the top 5 skills you know the interviewer is looking for. Interviewers only care about getting the right match for the position – so hammer home how you are the right match for the job. Regardless of the question asked – always find a way to go back to the 5 skills that correlate with the job description. By the end of the interview, she will be shaking your hand secretly congratulating herself about how great she is at finding the right person for the job.  Check – mate.

Personality – don’t overlook it.

Every job has a personality profile. “Customer service” interviewers look for bubbly, bright individuals. “Finance” roles are matched up with conservative, subdued types. “Health care” employers seek people with mature, nurturing personalities, suitable for close contact with patients.

All jobs – whether you’re a roofer – or covert intelligence agent, have character profiles that match. Make sure you understand (truly) who you’re supposed “be” prior to crunch time. The key is nailing the role of your lifetime – before you head into the interview room.

Follow these 2 tips – and be amazed at how you can turn the tables in your favour. Bring on the interviews!

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