Technology is Changing Your Job Search – Here’s How


It’s no shocker that technology is a powerful card to play in the game of job searching. But just how much is it affecting your job search? Here’s a few simple ways you could be experiencing the sting of technology – possibly without you even knowing it.

You’re a brand – yep, that’s right, a brand.

What in the world am I talking about? The résumé and cover letter are just the beginning of your branding. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, the list goes on. You can take charge of your personal brand – or you can let others decide for you. This is one area of technology you shouldn’t ignore even if you’re a die-hard traditionalist.

Social network “messaging” about you – better be positive.

By proxy, your online profile or“brand,” needs to reflect a certain consistency if you want to attract the right employers. Have some potentially disastrous pictures and comments on Facebook that could scare away nice big salaries from nice big companies? Clean it up – employers are increasingly looking at the bigger picture of you. Why? Because they deal in risk – and they want to feel that you minimize, not maximize their risk when they scan through all your online data.

It’s not good enough to have knowledge of “Word” anymore – employers expect a more finite understanding of systems.

Many people are still making the mistake of saying they know “Microsoft Office” on their résumés. In this age of technology, you must have a greater, deeper functionality with systems  to survive the job search game. Regardless (almost) of your occupation, it’s pretty well standard  that you have at least an intermediate knowledge of Excel for instance. Depending on your field – the list gets a lot longer.

Just like a popular movie line from a very famous movie – this can go the hard way or the easy way. The question is, which way will you choose?

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