Are You a Team Player?


One of the most common job posting requirements is for you to be a “team player.” Why is it so important? How can you express this quality on your resume? If you lack this characteristic, how can you acquire it?

Elements of a team player

You’ve been accused of being a poor team player at times. You’ve been commended for acting as a great team player. Either way, you’ve probably not given the topic too much thought. So what are some core components so you can improve your work performance reviews?

  • Working well with others

Are you argumentative with co-workers? Or the type of person that gets along well with other folks while completing daily tasks? Listening well, being open to others ideas, thoughts and opinions, having a sense of humour and respecting the members of a group – are all key factors in your ability to work alongside teammates cohesively.

  • Showing commitment and reliability

You’re a good team mate if you can be relied upon to the get the job done. Plain and simple. Part of your reliable nature is continued, ongoing dedication to your job, organization – and the people who belong to it.

  • Going above and beyond the call of duty

Every company, department, task-force experiences a need for sudden or expected surges in productive output. When this happens, do you take an additional coffee break? Go home early? Tell tall tales about how “busy” you are at the moment? Or, do you roll up your sleeves and help reduce the workload – for the good of the team?

Becoming a great team member doesn’t need to happen overnight. Try helping out here and there. And there’s nothing like being a good listener and offering supportive advice the next time the needs arises in your team. Over time, you can really live up to that popular phrase that occupies an exalted place on your resume.

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