Signs You Have a Great Job That You Love

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Have you ever had a great relationship (past or present) where you just knew it was a success?

The same goes for the work world. There are clear signs that a job is going well – with the right company to boot. Here are a few:

  1. Your employer listens – and fixes problems as they arise

Maybe he or she didn’t negotiate a 100% fix to the situation, but he or she tried hard, real hard. In the end staff felt like they were listened to and action was taken. Assertive problem solving is a critical component of a successful, happy work environment.

  1. You and your co-workers receive praise, regularly

It’s the same in a personal relationship – if you get feedback from your spouse about how “well” you did handling the kids the other day, or your friend always remembers to take you out for a drink when you’ve met a new milestone in your life, you know you’re doing well. Recognition in the work place is a key part of sustaining harmony and productivity. That magical combination.

  1. You like going to your job

It’s Wednesday morning – half way through the week already! You can’t believe it. Or, it’s Wednesday morning only half way through the week. You can’t believe it.

Which one fits your general attitude to the job best? If it’s the first – you’re on easy street.

Being happy at your job is exactly like everything else in life – you’ve got to hunker down and work hard to get the results you’re looking for.

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