Should Your Résumé for the Animal Welfare Industry – Be Different Than Most?


The short answer is – yes.

Animal care jobs like Animal Care Specialist or Wildlife Technician are unique to our increasingly progressive society. We’re getting more sophisticated (away from basic survival preoccupation) and the result is a society that cares more about each other – including our furry friends.

What that means is that if you’re a person who is employed within the animal care or welfare industry, you need to have a résumé that reflects a certain – sensitivity. Your résumé should demonstrate your history of caring for animals. What volunteering did you do prior to working in the field? Do you contribute to any organisations that work toward animal control or welfare? Have you been given any community accolades or awards that show, beyond a doubt, that you’re committed to the cause of helping animals thrive in our society?

Animal welfare
or care résumés speak to a future employer even more so than other professions because animals can never give you a reference regarding your volunteer or paid interest in them. You have to illustrate conclusively to your future boss that you are dedicated to the pursuit of animal welfare. And that you are a voice within the industry, willing to stand up and fight for those that can’t.

On the job – and outside of work. It’s who you are – not just a job you do.

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