Seeking a Friend for … Job Searching?


Sometimes being proactive, rather than reactive – is the order of the day. Case in point? You need a new tennis partner because your current one recently emigrated to China. You place an ad seeking uber-athletic tennis God.

You suddenly have the urge to watch as many DVDs of 80s classics as humanly possible. You place an ad stating your top price is 5 bucks/box.

You broke your blender and can’t live without your morning smoothie. Hello Internet advertisement detailing the exact duplicate you’re seeking.

Any one of these scenarios might send you to popular buy and sell sites – seeking the answer to your particular quandary. But how about when it comes to job searching?

People always talk about thinking outside the box – let’s challenge ourselves to blow the roof off the box. The solution? An ad that looks something like this:

Enthusiastic Job Seeker in need of equally ambitious Employment Hunter. Mid-career but certainly would consider position of equal or lesser value. (Given economic times.) Collaborative and open-minded. Willing to spend just as much time on your job search – as mine. Not into groups. Your picture gets mine.

Happy Saturday everyone 🙂

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