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Here are some really simple, easy to apply resume tips that form the basics of good resume writing. Heed them – and you should get a decent response in your job search!

Give details of your accomplishments – not just job descriptions!

Did you increase sales by 20% in your last quarter? Were you given an employee award? Have you been promoted recently? Details of your “wins” – set you apart from the other guys showing employers that you can deliver.

Tailor your resume for the job – and the industry.

Writing a “generic” resume is not wise. Why? Unless you’re super-qualified in your field and thus the likely winning candidate for the role, employers want to see that you understand the job itself. If they think you glazed over the job description and sent in your resume – along with a bunch others in an email frenzy, you’ll likely get passed up. Employers are like dates, they want to feel special – so change out keywords etc. every time for each job you apply to.

Objectives are for rookies.

If you have six months experience in any given industry – the first thing you should see on your resume is a description of your experience, not an “objective.” You should be boasting about your skills and abilities from the get-go not just stating what you’re looking for. If you must, put an objective in the final sentence of your opening paragraph about yourself.

Be conservative – or creative – whatever matches your industry.

If you’re an accountant, you should probably choose a traditional style for your resume. If you’re an actor, go with something that tempts producers into calling you for an audition. Those are the general rules – but having said that, there’s nothing saying a lawyer can’t set herself apart by using some unique graphics and colourful expression. At the end of the day, it’s up to you.

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