A Quick Overview of Your Job Search Techniques – Effective?


Look – everyone thinks they are the best, most knowledgeable, smartest and wise. There’s no arguing it – you really are great.

But let’s take a look at your job search prowess. Is it up to snuff?

  1. If you’re not getting the calls – chances are your resume stinks. It’s that simple.


  1. Who wrote your resume? Your friend? Your tennis partner? Your clergyman? Take a look at it – would YOU hire this person for X job? If not, think about re-writing.


  1. Content: The words you’ve written are just as critical. Does your resume have a strong opener? In other words, does it tell the reader exactly how you MATCH the position? If it’s diluted, confused, misguided – or downright unclear, you’re in trouble. HR people are not rocket scientists – they need you to spell out how you fit perfectly. Watered-down versions of “you” are not what the doctor ordered.


  1. Let’s talk THEME. The resume (like an essay) should have a focus. Choose one job title, industry or career area. Stick to that when you’re writing your resume. Don’t deviate; more extraneous information equals less strategic applying. Each resume should target each job positing, if you’re smart.


  1. How are you distributing your resume? If possible – get the resume into the hands of people who can make it happen. Connections inside are perfect, hiring managers are great too. The goal is anyone who makes decisions in the company. Never leave it with the temp receptionist. It’ll likely get thrown in the garbage.

Take the time to evaluate your techniques, they’re just as important as the product itself. (You!) You can do it.


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