Passive Vs. Proactive Job Searching – Critical Differences

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You can – and should be responding to job ads you genuinely find suitable. This is a time-honored approach that opens doors for job seekers.

Having said that, it’s important to recognize it’s not the only way to locate a new gig. Take a look at these tips – if you want to create opportunities, not just respond to them!

  1. In your search for a new role – research the dickens out of your ideal company

It stands to reason that if you are sincerely keen on an employer – eventually you’ll land a job there. Get as much information as you can about the company so when you get in the hot seat, you’re ready to knock their socks off.

  1. Study not only the company itself – but also “how” they advertise for new talent

After you isolate your top ten companies, take a look at their advertising recruitment methods. For instance, be the first person to send your resume when they post anew and contact the HR lead for details about applying. That kind of insider information can really be helpful.

  1. Network Like Mad

Specifically, seek out someone who works in the company – or perhaps a friend or family member who knows of someone employed with your ideal place of work. That special word in the HR person’s ear, could land you on the top of the resume pile.

  1. Keep Inquiring – Tenacity is the Mother of Success

When you get a contact – stay in touch regularly. Remind him or her that you’re as keen as ever to work at XYZ company. Send the message that you won’t be happy, until you work alongside your contact. It’s a successful tactic – that has seen a lot of wayward job seekers to happier times.

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