Organized Candidates Have Higher Chances of Getting Employed


With the proliferation of fresh and old graduates in the job market today, one’s ability to get a job is premised on being organized. Employers often have a hard time sorting out the good, bad and ugly in relation to the résumés they read and the interviews they conduct. Being organized implies that one is in complete control of their lives. An organized person is never confused as to where he or she should be at any one time. Organizations value candidates who exhibit good planning and organization because these skills are crucial to organizational success. How then can you practice and exemplify organization in your life?

A person who is seriously searching for a job knows where to get pertinent information on jobs. He or she keeps a number of close contacts in relevant organizations to ensure any new information is acted upon. They keep a network of friends with whom they exchange relevant information. Every single day, they search news sources like newspapers and the Internet to find out whether there are relevant vacancies. Such an individual keeps a record of the jobs he or she has applied for, and the documents he or she sent in readiness for interviews. In essence, this person is focused and organized in searching for a job.

Another aspect of organization is seen in the way one handles the résumé and other documents. An organized job seeker has both electronic and physical resumes. At any one time, he or she can apply for a job because the relevant documents are within reach. Such individuals keep soft copies of important document in Dropbox and other online formats, to ensure that they can send the information when the need arises. Hard copies are also stored in dust-proof and tamper-proof bags. Moreover, they are meticulous and detail oriented when preparing their résumés.

Finally, an organized person is discernible within his or her personal life. If you are looking for a job, you need to be somebody who does not waste time. You must also be ready to take up temporary tasks as you wait for the right job to come your way. The way you organize your house or room and the manner in which you schedule tasks are all indicators of your level of organization. For the employer, it is easy to tell whether you are organized or not by observing the candidate’s mannerisms and handling of documents during an interview.

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