Open Your Mind and Then Tackle Your Resume!


Try an experiment. Take your resume and throw it out.

Okay, don’t throw it out.

But try opening a new document in Word entitled “Resume 2.” Why? The act of starting a fresh, new resume is purgative. It allows you to look with new eyes at how you’re portraying yourself. And perhaps, most poignantly, how you look at yourself.

Thinking critically about oneself is one of the best ways to achieve growth and results. Just think, if you know yourself better, and can express that on your resume and in an interview better, odds are it’ll translate into more and better job offers.

Things to think about:

What’s your best attributes?

Divide them into professional and personal and make it a generous list. Be diligent and dig deep. Accounting for your strengths will come in handy in interviews in particular. The better you can articulate why you’re “the one” – the quicker you’ll be sitting pretty in your new position.

How do you apply them?

It’s not enough to know what they are – how do you use these wonderful traits and skills? Again, being able to describe fully where your talents lie is a key component for resumes and interviews; part and parcel for communicating well.

How will all of the above benefit a potential employer?

And then the big question; you need to ask yourself – how do employers perceive my attributes? Are they valuable? What’s the best way to put those beneficial qualities in front of employers so they can comprehend (fully) my value proposition?

Now take another look at your resume. Could it use a re-write? If so, get in there – and reap the rewards of a hard look at your professional profile.

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