Mind Over Matter – How Deep Does it Really Go?


What inspires you? What motivates? What, at the end of the day, lights the fire within?

These are all great questions that every person explores at some point in their lives. Highly successful people are those who explore – and conquer – this topic.

There are many greats that believe a person’s mental condition is directly related to success. One of the absolute best is an iconic bodybuilder, actor and one-time politician. This uber-success story is centered on the belief that a human being’s will is the single greatest precursor to success. And, that people who grow up in difficult or challenging environments often have a tremendous drive to succeed, above and beyond most.

Get this advice into your head and never let it go:

If they say you can’t – you must say “I can and I will”

You must not be afraid to fail

You must work hard, above and beyond others

What motivates you? Answer this question and you can achieve any employment possibility.

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