Many Professions Don’t Require Any Formal Education or Training – Career Leaping Without Re-Training is Possible!

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Many professions require little or no formal qualifications – the world of acting, music and visual arts come to mind. Many people in these categories are simply talented – and land themselves in the right place at the right time.

There are however, quite a few jobs that require a very specific set of education and training qualifications. Doctors, lawyers and rocket scientists have pretty tight guidelines for occupational entry.

Are there some professions in between?

Here’s a list of a few occupations that you don’t need a university or college background to obtain – if you’d like to make the switch to a new work environment.

  • Line Cook/Sous Chef/Chef – You can become a Chef just like the cooking superstars you watch on T.V – mostly after you’ve gained an initial first experience in a commercial kitchen. Washing dishes, working as a Bus Boy or answering an ad for “kitchen help” are all great beginning jobs for the aspiring chef. Beyond that, a whole of tenacity, hard work and genuine interest in the field, will get you cooking as a Chef in no time. (Some employers are asking for a Journeyman Cook or Baker certificate these days however – be warned the relatively unqualified status of this profession could be on the move.)
  • Sales – Many senior sales professionals who earn upwards of $150,000.00 have never set foot inside the walls of an academic institution. Good communication skill, a rudimentary understanding of business – marketing specifically – and a whole lot of die- hard attitude are the precursors to a booming career in this field. Just make sure you understand the true meaning of a quota.
  • Administration – Administration professionals excel at organization, time management and multi-tasking. If that describes your top three skills, a career in this field might ring your bell. Many administrative people start working for temporary agencies – and work their way up the old ladder, the old-fashioned way. You need basic typing skill and computer software knowledge, (to pass temp agencies’ initial testing) but after that you’re smooth sailing. The main qualification employers seek out is – experience.

Don’t be afraid to explore different career options; just be sure you have the guts to wait for the glory. These types of jobs all share one thing in common – they require a boat load of elbow grease and man-hours. In other words, good, old-fashioned, hard work.

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