Long Job Search and Tight on the Finances? Try These Ideas


Who doesn’t need extra cash – especially between jobs or between finding the ideal job. If you want to make some extra dollars, think about the following:

  • Placing and ad online

Many online classifieds are free. Next step? Think about what skills you have, or would like to have. Can you teach a language? An instrument? Would you like to cut lawns in the summer or clean residences? Choose something you like – why do a part-time job that’s a chore?

  • Cutting corners you can live with

Look at your expenses. How much is entertainment-related? Some “entertainment” we admittedly can’t live without, but for the stuff that you can, consider putting a hold on extraneous purchases. Do you really need another outfit for work? How about lunch out for the third time this week? Decide where you want to cut your budget and stick to it. It will make your job search (and you) breathe a lot easier.

  • Take a part-time job

But make it close to home. If you’re commuting too far out of town, it will negate the extra effort and cash you’re earning.

  • Trade up

A long time ago we used to barter for goods and services. But that was then – and this is now – so how can you glean some useful tidbits from days gone by? Do you really need your weekly house cleaner? Or perhaps you could exchange having your house cleaned for your handy ability to paint original watercolours? Or do oil changes? Or design a personal fitness routine?

Swap your way to savings. Do what you must to get through this money-challenged limbo!

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