Jobs of the Future? Play It Smart – and You Could Doing One of the “Most Employable” of 2015


Here’s a list of the most viable occupations in the near future. Anything sound appealing? Get the jump on the competition – and seek out training for one of the following.

  1. Mental Health Counselors

Psychologists and psychiatrists are costly. A cheaper (yet effective) alternative? Counselors typically possess Masters or above degrees and offer a more people-friendly approach to therapy. (Psychiatry has a clinical, scientific perspective in which the disbursement of medication is the goal of the session.)

Counselors are more willing to work it out – literally and practically. You receive good, structured advice for re-evaluating some of your life challenges, not just instructions to head to the nearest pharmacy. Because of their affordability – counselors will be more in demand in the job market.

  1. Stonemasons

Like hands-on work? You’re in good shape with a career in stonemasonry. Why? Just like retiring teachers in the 1990s, stonemasonry will also experience a mass exodus. Enjoy a job you can sink your (ahem) hands into.

  1. Bicycle Repair Technicians

Bicycle repair is one of the many skills that are increasingly difficult to negotiate for the new generation. (Along with other trades like plumbing, electrical repairand carpentry for example.) Want to stay a boy forever? Help people get their wheels in motion – the old fashioned way!

  1. Interpreters and Translators

This one’s for the linguists out there – who love studying the languages of the world. Whatever language you’re particularly apt with, think about this profession. It’s an increasingly international world and your skills will help people communicate with each other. You’ll also have plenty of employment opportunity. A nice bonus.

  1. Personal Care Aides

This job has been on the rise for a decade or more. Fulfilling, compassionate, necessary –rife with benefits. If you want to perform an extremely useful, rewarding role in society helping seniors and others who need hands-on care, check out the personal care field. It’s well worth it in more than a job prospecting way.



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