Job Transitioning – How to Get Back on the Horse


So you lost your job. Whether you got fired, quit or were laid off, the key to coping with a gap in employment is digging in and working harder than you thought imaginable.

Tune your body – and your mind will follow

One of the best ways to kick start your job search is to plan and execute a rigorous exercise program.

Sound strange?

Not when you learn that exercise is responsible for a lot of great things in your body and often results in increased success in individuals. Exercise clears the mind, balances the emotions and provides good old fashioned energy. Start or finish your day with a vigorous exercise routine, long or short in duration – and watch your search become steadily more fruitful.

Relax – the old fashioned way

And by relax, I mean in healthy, productive ways. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or doing other legal (or illegal) recreational activities only increases your overall anxiety. Aside from the negative physiological effects of stimulants and depressives, they also work on your mind unconsciously. After all, somewhere deep down inside you know that consuming stimulants or depressives is in reality setting back you even further. Don’t underestimate your unconscious mind in relation to your overall productivity. Take out the bad – and put in the good. Good food, good exercise, good friends – in place of destructive recreational activities that masquerade as “relaxing.”

Combine quality with quantity

It’s simple. Focus your job search on companies, networking contacts and advertised job postings with a theme in mind. Then pump out lots and lots of resumes. Hit it hard and focused and you’ll get where you need to go in time.

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