Is Your Job Search Driving You Crazy?

Strong Superhero Businessman Transforming

Ever wonder what it would be like to stop job searching? Throw in the towel, call it a day – however you want say it. Remember the days (my grandparent’s generation) when the average job duration would last, oh I don’t know, your entire life?

My grandfather worked for 37 years at Conrail and my grandmother 32 years at Canada Post. I can recall the certainty and poise they possessed in their day-to-day lives, always comforted by the fact that they had great jobs they could rely on. Our world is vastly more transitional – which isn’t a bad thing, just different from those long ago days of intrepid, endearing loyalty to the work place and employer.

Do you know what bothers me the most about today’s job search? Have you ever seen ads that are so ridiculously hyper-qualified it’s as though the employer expects nothing less than superman to walk through the door of the interview room? The ad looks something like this:

Required Qualifications

  • Masters level education, PHD will be considered above lesser education
  • Membership in professional association in good standing
  • 10-15 years of progressive experience. Must show continued, verifiable employment in field
  • Advanced computer proficiency including: Adobe Photoshop; Comm Central; Excel; Firefox; Frontpage; Google Chrome; Hyper Terminal; ICQ; Internet Explorer; MS Office; Navigator; Norton Anti-Virus; Windows 7 & 8; and Mac
  • Fluency in several languages – you should have a superior, nearly native speaking, reading and writing command of these languages
  • MUST be: passionate, dedicated, outgoing, adaptive, flexible, a superior communicator, willing to accept criticism, show an undeniable creative “flare,” focused on winning relationship building techniques, a person with intimate knowledge of industry contacts and spend at least 10 hours of spare time a week engaged in continuous learning of the field/industry
  • Working here was your “dream job” as a child – preferred

We can’t wait to hear from if YOU are all of the above. And nothing less. Without exception. Ever. Apply today!

I think even Superman would buckle under the pressure of that job description. 😉

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