Job Hunting Tactics – Your Top Three


Job searching can be an arduous task – or a straight shot to a chosen target. Which one describes your journey has a lot to do with luck, planning and individual insight. In this game, making the right moves are critical for success.

Here are three great tips to help you take command of your job search.

  1. Take a job – any job

Of course this is limited advice. Your goal, naturally, is to acquire a job in your target profession, field etc. In lieu of reaching this idyllic destination, think about taking on something in the vein of plan B. Plan Bs can potentially result in plan As via networking opportunities, access to internal postings and so on. Employers often just want to see a productive person behind the resume, and working anywhere demonstrates that. Remember it’s likely a temporary situation. So soldier-up to reach your goal faster.

  1. Know thyself

What makes you durable? In what areas do you need improvement or ongoing learning? Once you’ve taken a good, hard look at yourself … take it further. What companies would make a great complement to your skill-set and general expertise? Where would you truly fit in? Minimizing the gap between your range of knowledge and the firm’s suitability, is a sure way to get hired faster.

  1. A resume that gets calls

How you accomplish this crucial aspect of your search is up to you. But one thing remains clear: the final result must be a concise, error-free, descriptive and interesting to read document about you. Just like packaging products in the marketplace, your packaging needs to be compelling and relevant. Get your resume accomplished professionally or on your own – but make it a winner. This is a non-negotiable component of your job search.

If you’re not seeing job search results as you imagined, go back and re-evaluate your strategy. The work you put in now, will determine your ultimate destination.

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