Job Hunting – At Christmas? What Will Santa Say?

Santa typing on pc

Ah, yes. The tree has been trimmed, the Christmas CDs have been dusted off – you’ve prepared mentally for the ten pounds you expect to gain in the next few weeks. All is right in the world.

Except one thing. You’re still …gasp … applying for jobs?

While others are delightfully baking the annual Christmas cookies – you are canvassing search engines, hoping to catch a new job fresh from its post.

While others are composing Christmas cards containing thoughtful sentiments of yuletide merriment – you are pouring over every detail of your resume, sure there’s a grammar or usage error somewhere.

While others are making charitable contributions to worthwhile causes – you are charitably contributing to your new wardrobe fund, just in time for all the interviews you’ll be attending.

At this festively-poignant of times, what kind of a person has the audacity to search for work?

YOU – that’s who.

Embrace your need to obsessively-search for a better gig. Rest assured Santa’s elves are working diligently at this time of the year too. Hey, who’s up for the Senior Elf-In-Training position anyway?

Happy Holidays 🙂

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