If You’re Applying to Online Job Sites Only – You’re Missing Out On the Hidden Job Market

Job Market

It’s a mistake to access the online job site community exclusively. When searching for your next, great gig, you’ve got be smarter than that. Job search sites that are extremely popular (Indeed, Workopolis, Job Bank) are also extremely competitive. It’s hard to stand out with so many people applying to one position – the odds of you landing the role drops significantly amidst so much rivalry. It’s best to keep a sporting attitude – for your next neighborhood basketball match.

Improve your chances by going at your job search in more than one, conventional way. The trick is to get to the hiring folks before they place a public advertisement. Proactive job searching is by far the most neglected tactic – and for that reason could have you beating the competition to the punch. Here are some tips that fall outside the usual online saturation tactics:

  • Place an advertisement in your local newspaper in the “wanted” section. Most hiring managers etc. are older – forties and up – and those folks are the ones reading the offline newspapers on a routine basis.


  • Use your networks. Belong to a soccer team? Volunteer at the local library reading to children? Organize a semi-regular neighborhood barbeque? These are all excellent job finding opportunities. It’s simple – let everyone in your world know you’re looking. Odds are “a friend of a friend” will set you up in no time.


  • Make a list of suitable places for you to work. (Make sure it’s specific to your field.) After you’ve done that – contact the hiring manager, human resources department, or better yet, the boss of the company. The Top Dog is most certainly in a position to fast track your application. And hey, if there’s a position available, you’re likely to be the first person he or she calls. A tenacious character most definitely stands out from the crowd!

These are just a few ideas. Spend some time brainstorming – it’s well worth the effort.

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