How to Love a Job You Hate

blogarticlemar19-myresumechoiceYou need to work, right?

Work is a concept that’s been around a long time, to say the least. Work is needed because most people are part of a family unit and that unit needs support. We can choose to support it – or we can choose to deny it. Let’s just assume most people fall into the first category, taking life’s responsibilities seriously.

There must be some good things about your job, right?

Remember the first day of your job? You were anxious. You were intrigued. You imagined taking your workplace by storm with both skillful aptitude and precocious wit. It was great, right? And then you blinked.

The key to this equation is finding, and focussing on the good stuff. If you’re struggling with at least one thing that has garnered genuine employment joy, think about how happy you were to get the job at all. As the old saying goes, something is better than nothing. It pays bills, gives you something to complain about and quite honestly, focuses your energy.

You have a manager, right?

If nothing else. At the absolute minimum. When there’s no other option. Think about the fact that when it’s time to leave said job, you could have prepared your higher ups to give you the greatest reference – ever. Be nice, efficient, inquisitive and the all-round best performer in the unit. Think about the glowing words he or she will have when your new employer calls?

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