How to Ask For a Pay Increase

Signing a contract

Do you know the number one reason employees stay loyal to a company? You guessed it – money!

Why are we most occupied with this particular point? Perhaps it’s the downturn in the economy – we are forced to consider (despite good intentions) more practical matters.

In any case, at some point you will ask for a raise in your career. Should you prepare for this potentially fruitful discussion? Absolutely.

The first step is to show your boss you’re serious. How do you do that? Ask for a meeting. Just making a joke at the water cooler is not going to be a successful tactic. Set up a time – a few days in advance preferably – and go in guns blazing.

Now you’ve got your boss all to yourself. So what do you say? Well, you should be able to tell him or her how you bring greater or more benefit to the overall business operation. Ideally, try and put it in dollars and sense. If not, you need to spin a narrative of how you’re indispensable, which in turn beefs up bottom line profits.

You should also know what you’re job duties are – and then demonstrate how you’re exceeding them. Provide concrete examples of how and when you went beyond the call of duty and really helped achieve greater unit success.

Finish by asking the boss where he or she sees you in the future. Hopefully the answer is positive – and in effect, he or she will find themselves agreeing that to keep you motivated to stay, you need to be compensated properly.

Remember to be confident and serious about your request. If your manager says no this time – maybe he or she will have a “yes” for you in the near future. You can do it.

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