How Important is Sex – to Your Overall Productivity?


A recent study released by the Centre for Studies in Sexuality reports that “A person who has sex at least three times a week, is likely to earn a higher income.”

Sex has long been considered a source of stress and anxiety relief with positive physiological and psychology health benefits. But can it really make you more productive in the work place?

Hugh Robertson seems to think so, “On the days I don’t have intimacy with my wife, I feel less energetic, relaxed – and focused,” says Robertson. “This almost inevitably affects my sales at work because I haven’t achieved that state of serenity that comes with a morning roll in the hay!”

More and more people are realizing the symbiotic relationship between sexual release and a stellar performance at the work place. Studies show “eighty-nine per cent” of North Americans view a healthy sex life as “necessary” to overall professional success.

So what’s the solution if you have a spouse or partner that is lukewarm in the bedroom?

“Many people are so wound tight from their work day they don’t feel like being amorous at the end of the day,” says George Mosely, a sexual therapist specializing in individuals with low sex drives, “but what they don’t realize is that it’s because of their lack of sexual activity that they end up twice as stress out the next day at work.”

Mosely recommends a few things to get your partner in the mood – improving his or her health and productivity:

  • Set aside a time every day for relaxing. It doesn’t have to end up in sex – but if it does, you’re two steps ahead of the game.
  • Along with setting aside the time, you should engage in a “precursor” activity that sets the stage for intimacy. Reading, watching a movie, going for a walk – are all suitable activities, as long as you do them together.
  • Talk about sex. It’s proven that if it comes up in conversation – it’s likely to happen more often in real life. Communication remains one of the cornerstones of a healthy partnership – especially in the bedroom.
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