Health and Wellness Advice – How Important is it to Get and Stay in Shape?


If you’re one of those “healthy” minded individuals who exercise regularly, read novels and meditate for stress relief – cooking well-balanced, nutritious meals for your family. Congratulations. You’ve got your house in order.

If you’re lagging slightly behind the ideal, you’d be like a lot of people these days –including Sally Hemingsworth, mother, teacher and primary family-manager. Sally says her biggest problem is finding time. “It’s really difficult to manage a household, career and people-related demands like meeting with friends, coworkers and even my spouse! I know I should eat better and exercise, but where can I find the hours in the day?”

Finding this balance is extremely important however. Statistics show you’ll be more successful, productive and happier if you can become a “healthy” person – versus an “out-of-shape” person. Keep an eye on these three areas striving for an 80/20 rule (not perfection!) and you’ll see a big difference in everything in your life – from personal self-esteem to greater work productivity. Guaranteed.

1. Exercise. Love it? Hate it? Regardless – you have to do it, at least somewhat routinely. Exercise plays an important role in longevity, particular growing old without a lot of pain. People who do some kind of physical activity age more gracefully – and comfortably without the bone, joint and organ complaints of those that are sedentary.

Find an exercise you like – and just do it. (Don’t bother with activities you dislike – you’ll only give it up after a short time.)

2. Nutrition and diet. Diet meaning the foods you intake regularly – not a depriving short-term food plan. Eat lots of vegetables in particular – it’s usually the area the average person struggles with but yields the greatest results. It’s common knowledge that vegetarians have much less chronic illness like diabetes and heart disease. You don’t have to be a vegetarian – but you can strive to their ideals.

3. Stress Management. Meditate. Watch the birds at the beach. Go for a run. Learn to play the piano or a new language. Whatever lowers your pulse rate – and keeps you calm, relaxed and peaceful.

You know what’s good for you – stop making excuses and start taking control of your health. Who’s going to do it, if not you?

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