Have You Failed if You Need to Take a Part-Time Job?


Despite popular opinion that working multiple jobs is a sign you’re not that good at your primary bread-winning role – more people are embracing their second, or even third jobs.

“I recently got a pay cut from my long-term employer because of the economic situation,” says Sarah House a social services worker. “But I found after a while that I started enjoying it. My “other” job was a lot more fun and easy-going because it was just that – a part-time job!”

Many people today are like Sarah, more open minded about the positive aspects of letting down their guards when it comes to employment.

Statistics show that 38% more people from 2004 work multiple jobs.

Craig Johnson agrees, “I was surprised when my part-time employer came to me and said that I was doing such a good job, wouldn’t I consider working full-time for him?I realized that my attitude at my second job was a lot better than my attitude at my primary job. I felt bitter at my long-term employer, blaming them for the extra employment I had to take on,” says Johnson. “So by the time I got to my other job I was emotionally spent; I had no choice to buck up! In the end, I work only one job – my part-time job has become my primary.”

Whether you work one – or three jobs it’s vital to keep a positive attitude. Think of it this way – what’s the point of carrying around all that anger and resentment? “You’re really only hurting yourself when you internalize your bitterness,” says Allison McDougall, a psychotherapist specializing in occupational therapy. “I’ve seen many people experience illness because of their preoccupation with their own feelings about the economy and the workforce. In truth, such negative thoughts are useless,” explains McDougall. “You’ll only spend good energy on nothing.”

If all else fails, keep in mind nothing is forever – and there’s probably somebody out there who’s worse off than you.

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