Get a Jump on the Competition – Have Your Resume and Cover Letter Ready!


Where there was once sun tanning, BBQs, travelling across state lines in search of exciting tourist destinations … there’s now reality. The summer is more than half finished!

That’s okay! You’re a fighter! A warrior! A champion of your destiny!

How about your resume and cover letter? Does it befit a world-class master of the universe – such as you?

There are 3 key issues to address with regard to presenting the best possible “you” to an employer. Here they are, in no particular order.


  1. Power

Is your resume a show-stopping powerhouse of strongly-phrased language that knocks the socks of the reader? Not so much?

Remember, no employer thinks, “Oh, yes, I’m looking for the candidate who portrays the weakest, most passive image. Yes, yes. That’s the one for me!”

Make sure your writing is persuasive. It’s your job to convince the employer YOU are “the one.”


  1. Refinement

Your resume should embody a certain je ne sais quoi – that tells him or her you have some taste, sophistication and class. You don’t want it to look like a Neanderthal time-warped to 2014, found your resume – and played around with the design components of Word. If you think design is not a factor – think again. It also tells the employer you care about presentation. What employer doesn’t want a well-presented employee?


  1. Spelling, Grammar, Syntax. (Syntax is the order or flow of the writing.)

All three should be perfect. Spelling mistake? Employers think you’re careless. Grammar foible? Employers question your communication ability. Syntax snafu? Maybe you’re not a “words” person. Not the end of the world – depends on your profession.

I don’t want to make job searching sound like you’ve entered Thunderdome, engaged in a battle that matches God-like physical agility with masterful cunning and wit. But it is a challenge. There are a lot of stealthy warriors in the cage with you; the key is to get to employers before they do.

Carpe diem!

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