Is My Friend’s Advice Correct for My Job Search?

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One of the most missed discussions in the job search world is the issue of misplaced advice. Every person at one point or another seeks the advice of friends, family, neighbors etc. during this precarious time. It’s important to remember that not all advice is sound. How do you then know which advice is good – and which should be tabled.

Let’s start with the good:

“There’s a fine line between showing interest and harassment.”

True. Employers want to see genuine interest but they don’t want receive several emails a week about a position you applied to. Space out your communications so you don’t aggravate your prospective employer.

“Your Resume Could Use Some Help”

True. (Maybe) Shop your resume around to friends, family etc. What are they saying? If you consistently hear the above from more than a few people, consider a professional resume writer. Most people who get their resumes re-worked realize what an effective resume looks like almost immediately. It’s a small investment that pays off big time.

Now here’s the bad:

“Just keep sending out resumes – you’ll get there eventually!”

False. Yes, it’s true over a potentially-enormous period of time you’ll get a call. But why torture yourself? Make a plan instead – and follow it. Be fastidious about your search, go back and evaluate your tactics and strategy. Is it working? If not, seek out help to formulate a new plan. Be open-minded and try new ideas.

“Don’t worry about applying for other jobs, you’re a shoe-in for that promotion!”

False. Yeah, maybe. But what if you don’t get the job? Never stick to closely to one lead. Fan out – with multiple potential leads and approaches.

It’s important to remain calm and consider all advice you research in your job search.

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