Expressing Yourself – How Far is Too Far?


Arguably, we are at a time in civilization when the democratic freedom of expression is either the best it’s ever been – or the worst. Arguments in both directions abound. When it comes to social networking, where do we draw the line?

I’m thinking of a “comment” that was posted on a very popular social networking site that quite frankly, blew my hair back. Awash with a mixture of cringe-worthiness and awe, I re-read the message which went something like this:

Jobseeker: “Is this job posting for real, or are you just collecting emails and personal information for email marketing reasons? I really don’t like when companies post fake job ads for their own selfish reasons …

The comment was directed at a recruiting agency that had posted an ad for various open positions. By all appearances it seemed legit. On the other hand, who knows what wayward marketing tactics companies will attempt, especially on social network sites.

Was any of this good? Productive? Meaningful? Is there a point?

The following three outcomes are probable:

  1. The agency considers The Messenger to be unprofessional at the least; hostile at the worst and effectively blacklists The Messenger for present and future opportunities
  2. The other, more restrained Social Networkers who read and balked at the message will steer clear of any and all communications with The Messenger as a means of damage- control-by-association
  3. The Messenger will most assuredly seek other means of securing employment opportunities in the near and far future having acquiesced to the fact that in the light of day said “comment” was not the wisest or most productive

The moral? Think twice before reacting online, particularly whilst in the throes of frustration and bewilderment. About to hit the “send” button? Take a breath. Read your message of passion and committed hysteria again. Consider your words. Deeply.

Although it’s tempting to consider the online world as quasi-realism, many people have suffered career losses at the hands of comments, messages, photos and posts – that do little to advance professional interests, and a lot to deter them.

Prudence will always be the order of the day.

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