Emotions and Your Job Search – Is There a Connection?

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Do you think much about how you feel in a given day? Joy, listlessness, anxiety – anticipation. How about just good old fashioned happiness and sadness?

You’d be surprised how much your mood – can affect your job search.

“I’m kind of a high-low person,” says Joanna Bomgarten. “If the sun’s shining and I feel energetic, I get a lot more done – including looking for work.”

Though it’s hard to pinpoint our feelings at times, it’s important to recognize the relationship between productivity and mood. To make it simple, people want to move around, make calls, research on the Internet – do a lot more on the days they feel “good.”

So what about the days you’re feeling not so good. What then? Follow these tried, tested and true strategies for improving your mood – and getting the calls from employers.

Have a cup of coffee.

Sounds trivial? Coffee is a powerful stimulant that improves mental agility. Apply that stimulation to your job search and reap the rewards of a good ol’ cup of Joe.


Do some jumping jacks. Dig some weeds in the garden. Turn on your favourite fitness program. It’s called endorphins – you secrete plenty of them while you exercise, giving you a leg up (no pun intended) in your hunt for a new gig.  


Much like exercise laughter gets your brain in the right frame of mind (again no pun intended!) – to tackle those job search strategies and win the day. Try watching your favourite stand up comedian via a YouTube clip or two. Whatever gets your belly jiggling and your mood more upbeat is a good idea.

A happy state of mind is the key to keeping your job search light. Don’t get mired down in the negativity you read on the Internet. You can and will find a new job soon. You can do it!

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