Don’t Underestimate the 3 Core Rules of Job Searching

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It’s easy to get distracted by the myriad of online and offline job search techniques. The list goes on for days … However, the smart job searcher sticks to some simple – yet effective tactics time and again.

  1. An Effective Resume

Hard to believe this needs to be said, but I’m in a business that endlessly supplies individuals with new, improved and sometimes drastically-changed resumes. Why? No one said you have to be an astute teacher, miner, project manager, administrative professional, retail manager etc.  – and be a great writer.

Writers are writers for a reason – the ability to compose accurate, articulate, compelling words on paper comes from years and years of study and practice. Leave your resume to an expert, it’ll be the best investment you’ve made in a while.

If not, make sure your resume is: free of errors, describes in basic detail your skills and experience and looks like it came from this decade. If it happens to look like a masterpiece – you’ve achieved what most have not.

  1. Exercise patience

In the words of many a mystic seer, scholar of old – and your mom, chill out. There’s no point in sitting around obsessively checking your emails and LinkedIn profiles etc. You’ll just drive yourself nuts. Instead, take walks, read a juicy novel or two, learn the art of calligraphy – whatever to take your mind of waiting. The last thing you want to do is sound desperate when an employer does call.

  1. Follow-Up

It’s my opinion that we live in an increasingly passive-aggressive world where emailing, texting and a host of other quasi-anonymous communications abound. Don’t forget that behind all the online communiques – there are real people who respond favorably to good, old-fashioned phone calling.

Live near your target employer? Try stopping in. (Of course this doesn’t work for jobs in secured buildings. Be sure it’s appropriate to show up in person.)

Minimum, send an email inquiring about the status of the position. Remind them not only that you are the best candidate for the role – but that you are also the most keen. Enthusiasm often wins the day.

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