How Do You Define Success?


Today – it’s wise to have a fluid definition of success. It needs to be malleable. Adjustable. Dynamic.

Why? Because in a dog-eat-dog economy you must derive fulfillment from characteristics of your profession or job that have little to do with money or advancement. Without belabouring the obvious, think about all the other things you get from your job. And then relish them. Finding true contentment is the best success available to you.

To get you thinking, here’s a list of possible “wins:”

  • You’re often the “go-to” person in your team or department.

You’ve been working for 5+ years in your field/job. You know a lot. You often succeed with your duties/assignments. People value your opinion and it feels good. This is a success – enjoy it.

  • Your job is redeemable. You give back. Big-time.

Your work is engaged with society in such a way as to uplift, assist or facilitate services that better the world we live in. Health care, social services or community work and involvement – along with a myriad of other jobs. If you’re one of these people, you’ve earned the right to brag. And that is a good thing.

  • Developing new skills in a new environment.

Think about the time after you graduated. You would have done nearly anything to gain experience in your field. Sometimes lower pay or awkward hours are justified in exchange for the opportunity to try out a potential new career. The happiest people are those that love their jobs. If suffering in one area – reaps big rewards (a new career) in another – think about taking the leap and trying something totally new.

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