Considering a Career Change?


This can either be an exciting stage of life – or a nerve-racking one. Before you make the leap, here’s a few questions to consider:

  • What are the long-term prospects for this new career path?

Fully research the job title, industry and field before taking the steps. If you know the good, bad and realistic of the profession, you should be reasonably satisfied by the switch.

  • What’s the lowest wage I might make – and the peak wage?

It’d be great to start out at the high end, but if you don’t get that lucky, ask yourself whether you’re okay with the lowest wage for the profession. Do you have sustainable passion for the new job – enough to keep you going if you don’t make tons of cash?

  • What skills will I need?

Evaluate the skills, experience and credentials you require to make the change. Will you need to volunteer? Will you need to re-train at night? How many of those skills do you have now versus ones you’ll need to obtain?

  • Does this new career path fit in with my overall outlook on life?

This is probably the most important one. Think deeply about what you value. Autonomy? Team-work? Continuous learning? Make a list of what matters to you on the job. Does this new profession fit? If it doesn’t – you might find yourself regretting your decision.

  • Do I need a new resume?

Absolutely. You’ll need a transferable “functional” style resume that shows your aptitude for this new profession. You’re in a position where you’re a rookie – so you have to demonstrate that you understand what’s required, and that you obtained the skills, education etc. to begin a new career with their company.

Career changes can be wonderful or weary. Take time – lots of time – to look into it, before you make one of the biggest life-altering changes of your life.

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