Cold Call – Your Way to a New Gig


If you’re cringing reading the above headline, fear not, you’re amongst friends. Cold calling prospective employers is right up there with giving a speech or presentation for many.

What you need to know is that getting over the fear involved with this stalwart tactic, is well worth the sweat. It’s ranked as one of the most successful job search maneuvers time and again. Think about it and follow these steps.

The method

Look for suitable companies within your present industry and outside your particular business niche. Odds are you’ll land your next job with a company that sells, manufactures or services similar products as your present company, but it’s always good to remain open-minded. Once you know where you want to work, make sure you include what exact position you are seeking and that you are not responding to an advertised posting. Many employers appreciate the assertiveness and keen interest in their company in particular. It’s a great way to truly stand out from the crowd.

The research

So where can you locate your next lucky company? Try newspapers, the phone book, social networking and good old fashioned Internet research. Key in your target industry and geographic location – and away you go!

The tactic

Call, write or speak in person. Ask for the hiring manager if you want to inquire over the phone and address the human resources manager for a given company if you intend to send out emails. Best of all? Get an information interview. Approach it honestly but with tact. Selling yourself too hard at this stage might turn off some hiring professionals.

The approach

Keep in mind you are the aggressor here. Act with confidence – but also with diplomacy. If a given manager or employer seems put off by your call or email etc., chalk it up to a closed door. Having said that, try again if and when you know there’s been a change in management. Tenacity is the way to true success.

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