Branding Yourself: It Never Gets Old


That’s because in today’s media-crazed world, we see brands absolutely everywhere. It’s not long before individuals – not corporations – begin to incorporate more effective branding techniques into the job hunt.

Are you wondering how you can “brand” yourself better?

If so, let’s go over the basics, one more time:

Your resume

I know, I know. Of course you have a resume. Of course it’s up-to-date. Of course it’s written by your friend … Wait. Written by your friend?

Let’s be clear – your resume is one of the most important weapons in your job search arsenal. So you better have a darn good one. It’s possible your pal is capable of writing and designing a top-notch resume, but if you have doubts, seek professional assistance. It’s the best money you might spend in terms of getting healthy job search returns.

The content on your resume

So what exactly constitutes your newly-minted resume? Specifically, have you included or added all the right stuff? Is it complete? Reflective of your “wins.” Well-written?

Once you work out presenting your data in the most attractive way (via superb writing) think about ways to bulk it up further. Some suggestions: take a night course updating your “education” section. Perhaps consider volunteering to add that section entirely. Did you miss writing about the special assignment you took on recently that had outstanding results for the company? Make sure you add good, solid content that expresses your accomplishments – and you – to the fullest. This is what will catch an employer’s eye.

Your online social footprint      

It always bears repeating: be very careful about your image via online posts. It doesn’t matter what site you put your latest photos and writings onto, make sure you are fastidious about keeping it clean and respectful.

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