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Smart Job Seekers Look at Their Resume With Brand Power In Mind!

I recently had a conversation with an acquaintance who has found himself in the precarious position of finding new employment. Downtrodden and stupefied, this individual whipped off a desperate email to me with that very query – “Am I a brand?” And if so, “What exactly does that mean?”

Simply put – you need to look at yourself as a product that is about to be aggressively marketed. When big-name companies launch new products into the marketplace with the intention of dominating the market, do they launch subtlety-understated campaigns for your consumer dollar?

Not quite. As a consumer society, we are inundated with messages that practically reach out and stifle us to death – companies run a gamut of marketing tactics; none of them indirect. The end game? We purchase – and we purchase with gusto, urgency and delight.

Such is the nature of your resume. You must come to view this most critical of documents that could make or break your job search – with as much focused intensity. In short, you’ve got to make your resume kick butt.

So what are the elements of creating a winning brand? There are a few staples, followed precisely, will put your resume through the brand power test.

  1. Power writing

Do the words and phrases that encompass “you”pack a punch? Or are they meek, lack luster – and forgettable? If you’re falling asleep doing a read through of the latest version of your resume, think of how hiring managers feel? Make it stand out – with interesting, yet accurate descriptions of what you do, and who you are.

  1. Focused

What’s your central message? Is it clear on your resume? If you can’t answer the question “what am I looking for?” then how can a potential employer know if you fit the bill? Make sure you know what you want – and then say it clearly.

  1. Design

Does your resume resemble a document unearthed from a medieval crypt? Be sure to have a contemporary (2014) design and formatting to your resume. It’s hard to say “I’ll take your organization to new heights” when your resume looks like a document from a national archive. A clean, crisp, exciting design will send the message you want.

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