Are there different kinds of Résumés? And, Which One Do I Choose?


I’m an advocate of creativity when it comes to résumés; I think different is always better than traditional or conservative. Having said that résumés do follow a general structure, that falls into three basic categories:

The first is what’s called a functional résumé. Just like it sounds, functional résumés serve the purpose of putting your skills and accomplishments – first. This type of résumé is organized to display functional experience near the beginning, or top of your résumé. Employers see critical skills-based information first, before other less-important details about you.

Functional résumés are great for anyone looking to re-enter the workforce, recent graduates – or career changers. This style emphasizes what you can do, well.

The second type is a chronological style résumé. Here, your work history is front and center. Functional résumés work well for people who have a continuous, non-interrupted work history – and want employers to see that as their best quality.

Functional résumés present specifics of the places you worked, the job titles you’ve held and when you were employed in those positions, in a list format, beginning with your most recent experience and ending with the least recent.

The final type of résumé is the hybrid résumé. Hybrid résumés are a combination of the first two types and work well in a variety of scenarios. If you have a seamless work past – but think you’ve got more than the average number of skills to show your potential new employers, you might like this style. Or perhaps you want to create more of a narrative with your résumé, giving the employer a deeper, more personal view of your background; then finishing with a shortened version of your chronological work past.

Whether you choose a functional, chronological or hybrid style résumé, it’s extremely important to put your best foot forward. Always proof your résumé for typos and if possible, get a friend or family member to look over it. A fresh eye never hurts when it comes to creating a top notch résumé – and close friends etc. will look critically at your résumé and give you no-nonsense feedback.

Don’t underestimate the importance of résumés in general. It’s a shortened version of YOU – that is the critical first point of contact with an employer.

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